Yarima Blanco

Yarima Blanco

New EP out now

Yarima Blanco with her talent proposes to give more value and importance to the talent and participation of Cuban women in the arts and in life in general.

this production treats issues such as the role of women in daily life, women in couple relationships, women and their ability and sacrifice to bear the reins of “the house”, some of these issues in a joyful tone.

Tv show in Cuba together with the great tres player Pancho Amat.

Yarima Blanco


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Yarima Blanco

The cuban Tres guitar player that shine! It’s no exaggeration to say that Yarima Blanco had an extreme talent with her unique way to play the cuban Tres guitar, getting sometimes a unique percussive - agressive sound, sometimes a smooth-quasi romantic sound. Experience Yarima Blanco and her band "Son Latino" live performance concerts and you’ll see why she is renowned for her technical capabilities and musical versatility.

A Musical Journey
Born in the city of Bayamo-Cuba, Yarima Blanco showed at an early age an special talent for
strings music instruments, falling in love with the guitar. Her first music institute, were she learn music theory as well as the craft of the guitar playing, was the Music conservatory of her native city of Bayamo. While been at the music conservatory, she took part on a variety of music competitions were she won quiet a few prices as a classical guitarist. Not been satisfied with her good grades and music competitions prices, Yarima Blanco went to Cuba´s capital Music university, “Instituto superior de Arte”, to study Tres guitar and musictheory with the renowned Tres guitar professor Efrain Amador. As a student at the “Instituto Superior de Arte” she keep taking part on music competitions, often obtaining first places among other prices.

Yarima Blanco finished her music studies in the year 2006 with the “Gold title studies”, the
highes title at the Music University. After her university graduation she went to be a member of the famous all female orquesta “Anacaona”, were she played Tres guitar, electric guitar and also took the roll of a lead singer in a few songs and stayed ten years with this band.

Yarima Blanco had taken part in many music productions as well as international Tours
like: Mexico, Finland, Canada, Costa Rica, Aruba, etc. just to name a few. In the year 2016 she decided to form her own music group, Yarima Blanco and “Son Latino”. She has been playing with her band an steady gig for the last six years at the famous music bar in Havana-Cuba, “La Bodeguita del medio”, were the oportunity to play quiet some gigs every week had made her band tied as a church rope.

Intenational tours:
Costa Rica, Canadá, México, Haiti, Aruba, Jamaica, Santa Lucia, Dinamarca, Curacao, Venezuela.

2001 Festival internacional de guitarra Mujer en Costa Rica
2009 Festival de Jazz de Aruba
2009 Festivales de Jazz de Canadá
2009 Festival La Nuits D \\ 'Afrique en Montreal Canadá
2010 Festival internacional de cine de Aruba
2011 20 edición del festival de Jazz de Santa Lucia
2012 Festival de salsa de PDVSA, Venezuela
2019 Festival Salsa al parque Bogotá Colombia
2020 Festival Jazz Plaza Cuba

Yarima Blanco


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