About us

The passion for music leads two friends to join forces and all their energy to promote and develop the career of their artists.

A life full of music – time to give back

Tomás Pérez

Born in the Island of Puerto Rico-USA, in a music-oriented family, surrounded and influenced by the social and cultural changes in the 60´s, it was off no doubt that I would become a musician myself. After doing what many of us do when starting a new “romance”, in this case with the music, I started going to a music school at the age of 17 years old.

After a while needed to get “deeper and more serious” with the music and moved to California to continue with the music studies. In the meantime, I took part in many music projects, from the traditional Latin Salsa, merengue, to the Mexican Cumbias, jazz Quintet, big bands, pop music and everything in between.

Life and music took me to Germany in 1990 and couldn’t be in a better place to make music with great musicians and great people. Lots or recording sessions, live concerts thru Europe with the top Germans and not German's artists and a long stint as percussionist with the great singer Engelbert Humperdinck, took me to the whole world as many times as you can think of and learned a great deal from incredible musicians and crew as well. In 1991 i took part as a bass player and backup singer on Europe first Latin Orchestra back then, “Conexion Latina, taking the role of the leader in 1997 after the great Rudi Fuesers retired giving me the opportunity to learn new lessons and relearn the old ones.

Spend 13 years of my life teaching at a jazz department in a music university in the city of Würzburg-Germany, giving me another view and inside as a musician on how to approach music and the music business.
All of this, plus some more, help me and inspired me to produce and promote the artists I work with.

Music is my greatest passion.

Ada Dimbath

Being born in Cuba and having grown up in a musician's family surrounded by singers, musicians and composers, as well as, her studies and foray into dance, provided Ada Dimbath with a wide universe in the artistic and musical world. Years of studies in Germany and the experience accumulated during her work with different companies in the industry and the international music business, has been the most important components in the formation and path of Ada Dimbath as CEO and producer of Soundwear Production Germany together to Tomás Pérez.

In her role as owner and CEO of the companies Soundwear Dimbath e. K. and Pianodecken Dimbath e. K, she works successfully not only in the business world but also unites and combines this element with the social sense, feeling and love for music supporting different artists in their professional career in the form of endorsement, sponsorships, tours support, music production, etc.

Her motivation to boost an artist's career; accompanying him throughout the process is one of her biggest endeavors in the personal and business order.


What we can do for you

The business experience of a talented woman, Ada Dimbath former artist coming from a musician´s family, with years of studies in business administration, languages and since many years owner and CEO of the companies Soundwear Dimbath e.K. and Pianodecken Dimbath e.K took to her side her old friend Tomás Pérez, an experienced musician with many years of experience in the music business as musician, composer, producer and band leader to create Soundwear Productions.

Music production

We care from the beginning of music and record production, the conception and optimization of the image to the administration.

Music promotion

We accompany our artists from administration and promotion to achieve the best position in the international music market

Move forward

Our mission is to serve as a platform for the development and management of musicians and artists in general
Our featured artist

Yarima Blanco

Tres guitar player, singer, band leader and composer from Cuba
More about Yarima Blanco

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